Madison Global Partners seeks companies with strong management teams, unique products, disrupting technologies, high growth potential and superior business models. By concentrating on companies with these properties, Madison Global Partners strives to reduce the investment risk in high growth / high potential enterprises. Madison Global Partners’ strength lies in the commitment to long-term relationships that transcend the immediate transaction. The Corporate Finance Department at Madison Global Partners offers a full range of services including: Initial Public Offerings, Private Placements, Convertible Debt and Preferred offerings, Secondary offerings, Merger and Acquisition Advisory, Fairness Opinions, and Share Repurchase Programs.

Madison Global Partners’ ability to provide private financing from both institutional and retail investors can benefit clients with start-up ventures unsuited for a public offering or lacking an established track record. Our firm’s seasoned corporate finance team assesses the company’s prospects by studying the business attributes and its financial position. Based on this research, and in consultation with the company’s senior management, Madison Global Partners tailors the financing arrangement that will satisfy the company’s requirements, while offering an attractive investment opportunity.